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Welcome to Postgraduate Program in Tropical Biodiversity (PPGBT) at Ufes

  • This line includes ecology studies based on population, communities and ecosystems data. Develops studies on ecology in the context of ecosystems, of the zoology and botany, as well as the environmental assessment and biomonitoring.

  • Includes studies on systematics and genetics based on morphological and molecular data. Develop studies on biogeography, taxonomy and Systematics in the scope of the zoology and botany, as well as in population genetics.

General Information
The Postgraduate Program in Tropical Biodiversity is based at the Northern Espírito Santo University Center in the city of São Mateus. The program has been offered since 2010 and brings together scholars dedicated to study the biodiversity of Brazilian ecosystems and their sustainable management aiming to enhance research development in the area of ecology. The program aims to:
1- Bring together researchers of ecology, interested in themes related with the management of ecosystems and the assessment of biodiversity;
2- Contribute to the re-evaluation of ecological landscape values of the macro region of Northern Espírito Santo and Bahia, through the cooperation with local governments, environmental management institutes, watershed committees, public prosecutors and secretariats of environment;
3- Promote the development of multidisciplinary research skills in Brazilian biodiversity (especially in the State of Espírito Santo) that may lead to advanced studies or application in the labor market;
4- Increase supply of human resources to work in the areas of research and development, as well as in higher education in the areas related to the ecological and environmental sciences;
5- Carry out advanced studies in ecology seeking the development of sustainable methodologies and technologies for the solution of environmental problems;
6- Develop research and enhance scientific production through the training of researchers, teachers and other qualified professionals to work in ecological and environmental sciences;
7- Intervene in the regional reality through critical reflections and initiatives to foster environmentally responsible development.

The program is based in São Mateus-ES, offering the course of Postgraduate Program in Tropical Biodiversity since 2010 and has an academic qualification profile certified by CAPES, receiving 3 on its last evaluation.

The program already has 95 masters and counts with 20 students regularly enrolled, all of them being masters.

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