Field of study: Ecology
Description: This line includes ecology studies based on population, communities and ecosystems data. Develops studies on ecology in the context of ecosystems, of the zoology and botany, as well as the environmental assessment and biomonitoring.

Abbreviation Titlesort descending Starting date Deadline (months)
FRES Floristic diversity of the northern restingas of Espírito Santo State: Geographic distribution and conservation status 01/05/2017 51
CEIBNES Taxonomic and ecological characterization of the continental fish fauna from North of Espírito Santo 01/03/2017 36
In vitro 01/05/2015 36
12/01/2016 36
01/01/2015 24
01/05/2018 48
01/06/2013 24
28/07/2017 24
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